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August 1, 2020

Is there an alternative to treating my pet’s constant scratching other than steroids, antibiotics and immunosuppressive drugs?

Absolutely! Keeping your pet’s immune system strong and balanced is paramount to prevent inflammatory reactions in the skin (including ears) that cause allergies.  Feeding real, nutritious food that nourishes skin–which is the barrier to bacteria, yeast and parasite invasion–is most important. We can help you do this!  Adding natural anti-inflammatories, herbal formulas and acupuncture serves to stop the itching and help the skin to heal naturally and stay healthy.  Your fur baby will be ecstatic at meal time and live a longer, happier life!

Janice E. Posey, DVM, CVA
Veterinary Holistic Healing | 320 E. Lockwood Street in Covington | 985-898-3623 |

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November 6, 2013

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