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What Clients Are Saying About Dr. Posey...

We LOVE Dr. Posey! We were referred to her by our Ontologist! Seeing her was the best thing we have ever done for our dog Bobinski! She is very nice, compassionate, knowledgeable--all in all just a fantastic doctor/person! 5 stars is just not enough. She has brought our very sick dog back to life! Our dog LOVES Dr. Posey! Dr. Posey went out of her way to make sure I understood all of the information she gave me--she explained it in a way I would understand. She went out of her way to answer all of my questions. I can not say enough great things about her and her staff. Mrs. Lynn is also amazing! She calls and checks on Bobinski and makes sure that we have everything we need. I will be transferring all of my animals to Dr. Posey! Absolutely love her!!!



Dr Posey is such a wonderful doctor & caregiver!

Mystie G.


I wouldn't take my little cat anywhere else. Dr. Posey really cares about her furry patients. She diagnosed our kitty with Feline Leukemia and has helped us keep his immune system going strong. She recommended getting him fixed even though he is an inside cat. I was nervous about how he would handle the surgery and afterwards, but I decided to go ahead with it and my cat's energy and immune system are benefiting greatly. So glad I took Dr. Posey's advice.


She treats animals holistically and practices with chinese herbs, acupuncture, as well as pharmaceuticals (like antibiotics) if necessary. She's also the most affordable natural vet in the area that I could find.

Erin-Ely H.


Dr Posey has helped my dog immensely. I originally came to Dr Posey for acupuncture and food therapy for my dog who just wasn’t feeling her best. She didn’t want to eat, she was low-energy, she scratched like crazy, and she had severe separation anxiety. We continue acupuncture monthly, the scratching has its ups and downs but overall is at a minimum, my dog loves her food and trying new foods, her energy is through the roof, and while we still work on anxiety, we’ve made quite a bit of progress. I can’t recommend Dr Posey’s holistic care enough!

Erin B.


"In March of 2016, I began bringing Chi Chi to Dr. Posey. A few weeks before, Chi Chi began acting strangely. My regular vet suggested I have a test, which costs thousands of dollars. For about $5,000.00, I could find out what was wrong with my chihuahua but that did not include the cost of treatment. A friend suggested to me to go to Dr. Posey. She did a complete exam during our first visit and prescribed natural healing herbs. Chi Chi had a brain disorder which has been improving since taking holistic herbs. Now in November 2016, she is almost back to her normal self. I will always be grateful to Dr. Posey for all she has done for my sweet little girl."


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"Dr. Posey is an amazing healer. Our two dogs see her for diet, herbal remedies and for acupuncture. Dr. Posey has figured out their complicated needs when no other veterinarian could. We have happy, healthy pets thanks to her!"


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"I have been interning here for about 5 months and I am absolutely in love with this occupation. I have witnessed how acupuncture and Chinese medicine has been very successful. Its crazy i had never even heard of this before I met Dr. Posey I thank her so much for this experience. This has been very influential."


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"Dr. Posey is so caring towards my sweet Papillon. She is always very thorough with her examinations and very informative regarding her shots and the best diet plans. I highly recommend if you're interesting in having the resources available for your pet to live a long, healthy, and natural life!"


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 "Absolutely the best! She is so loving and truly cares about the well-being of your animals. She is well versed in natural healing, alternative options as well as complete safe traditional animal care. She helped me with my very sensitive cat and while I was on a visit there I heard other clients experiences (all positive and amazing) she goes to great lengths to give your animals the best care they can receive. She always is pushing for healing at the source rather than a "patch" of medication or expensive surgeries. Always doing what's best for your pet." 


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"We have been going to Dr. Posey for many years. If your pet is suffering from joint or hip pain, please take them to Dr. Posey, you will be amazed as to how well the acupuncture and the herbal medicines work.  

The first dog (Socks) who loved her walks, was having such lower back pain, she would stop and sit, and we would end up carrying her home. We started with the acupuncture, and almost immediately she was walking with no pain. We currently have another dog on herbal medicine for his hip & leg joints, and he is doing really well."


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 "Lil Bit loves her Dr. Posey!! She truly was her cure from her IVDD paralysis.

If it wasn't for Dr. Posey, our Lil Bit would not be back to her old self! Thank you Dr. P!" 


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"Dr. Janice Posey is a very knowledgeable and caring vet. I brought my dog Copper to her for 13 years. She helped Copper with his painful back problems several times. Now I bring my dog Coco to her - he is a rescue dog and she's treating him for severe dry eye, which has improved. I highly recommend this clinic!"


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"Acupuncture treatments for Allie really gave a boost to her immune system!"


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"Dr. Posey has been so helpful in giving Annabelle a better quality of life. We were not sure if this would work, but the acupuncture made a huge difference in her life."


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"Dr. Posey did acupuncture on my precious JoJo (ShiTzu) for his back pain and it has done wonders. Also, the herbal remedies for JoJo has really helped with his itching and he has slowed down, on scratching and biting his paws, feet, legs, etc."

"She also has helped my Fluffy (ShiTzu) with her food therapy, breathing, skin problems, etc. Dr. POSEY is the BEST in the PARISH OF ST. TAMMANY, plus her husband is also a Veterinarian."


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